• Discover Your Dream Career Curriculum

    Our goal is to help students discover their passion and lay the foundation for obtaining their dream job.


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  • About the Curriculum Package

    Our career exploration exercises have been used by over 200 colleges and high schools. This curriculum will help students identify their dream, create a step-by-step plan, take action, and overcome roadblocks to achieve their dream. The curriculum package includes 100+ exercises, perpetual screening rights for The Dream Share Project, HD streaming & digital downloads, DVD, Build Your Dreams e-book, bonus workshop packet and instructions, and year-round support.

    The Film

    The Dream Share Project film explores how successful people pursued their dreams. The Curriculum package includes a DVD and a screening license for The Dream Share Project documentary film, which you can screen in class or on campus as much as you'd like.

    The Book

    Build Your Dreams (Running Press, 2013) is the ultimate career guide for Millenials, offering a unique 5-stage framework for 20-somethings to make a living doing what they love. The Curriculum package includes an e-book. Feel free to contact us to inquire about hard copies, bulk purchases, and discounts.

    100+ Exercises

    The Discover Your Dream Career Curriculum contains 100+ exercises, printable worksheets, in-class discussion topics, group activities, and homework assignments. It's the perfect tool for teachers looking for a fresh, engaging way to teach career development

    HD Digital Downloads

    Screening the film in class or on campus has never been easier. Now, you can download or stream the film in HD from any laptop, smart phone, tablet, or streaming device (Apple TV, Chrome Cast, Roku, etc.) through our partners at VHX and Vimeo.

    Workshop & Instructions

    The Curriculum package also includes our 30-minute Chase Your Dream workshop packet and educator instructions. We've presented this program at over 200 schools and students are raving about it. Perfect for one-off events and student leadership training.

    Year-Round Support

    Have a question about the curriculum, film, or book? We are available every day of the year to help, just shoot us an email at:


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    Full Curriculum & Film License
    Full Curriculum & Film License
    Product Includes:

    -Downloadable 62 page curriculum with 5 Lesson Plans
    -100+ exercises, discussion topics, worksheets, and homework assignments
    -DVD of The Dream Share Project
    -Digital Download & Streaming HD
    -Public Performance Rights in Perpetuity
    -Downloadable e-book: Build Your Dreams: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love
    -Downloadable 30-minute “Chase Your Dream!” workshop packet and instructions
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  • Learning Outcomes

    The full curriculum includes all five lesson plans to help students identify and pursue their career goals:

    Lesson Plan 1: Discover
    • Connect their interests, values, and personality traits to potential career paths.
    • Discover how the past can influence today’s dream.
    • Learn from their hero's career paths and achievements.
    • Transform problems into a catalyst for positive change.
    • Choose one potential dream career to explore further.

    Lesson Plan 2: Explore
    • Identify individual milestones needed to achieve your dream.
    • Learn about the day-to-day work of a dream job.
    • Prepare for trial runs by creating and editing a resume, cover letter, personal website, and social media links.
    • Take action and start pursuing a dream.

    Lesson Plan 3: Launch
    • Accept fear as a natural part of pursuing goals.
    • Identify resources and talent in their network.
    • Discover techniques for earning parental and peer buy-in to their dreams.
    • Uncover the reasons for procrastination.
    • Assess their schedule and make more time for working on a dream.

    Lesson Plan 4: Fund
    • Reflect on your spending choices and values
    • Assess their current finances
    • Create a budget for pursuing a dream
    • Identify methods for reducing expenses
    • Learn fundraising techniques

    Lesson Plan 5: Adapt & Thrive
    • Learn to collaborate and persuade to achieve a goal
    • Create a back-up plan to deal with failure
    • Increase their chances of success through practice, education, and
    lowering the stakes.
    • Craft a list people to network with.
    • Define success on their own terms.

  • Success Stories

    Students who were inspired to pursue their dreams after seeing The Dream Share Project:

    “Thank you so much for coming to Georgia State University a couple of days ago. The Dream Share documentary revitalized my motivation to pursue my dream as an artist full time!”

    -Ty McKinnie, Actor/Musician/Recording Artist

    Saw TDSP at Georgia State University

    "Seeing this film set the wheels in motion toward me having an ultimately happier and more fulfilled life. I think everyone who is in college and high school should see it."

    -Cathleen Fuller, Physics Student at Salisbury University

    Saw TDSP at Salisbury University

    “Watching your film inspired me to work towards my own personal dream project, Self Narrate. We empower at-risk, marginalized individuals through the power of story. We’re already working with numerous schools and hospitals.”

    -Brandon Telg, Non-Profit Founder

    Saw TDSP at the University of Florida

    "An amazing program. This needs to be shown to every college student in America."

    -Jake Tuff, Radio Producer at The Morning Show

    Saw TDSP at Rider University

    "As an undecided student, it actually helped me to focus on my true passions. Thank you so much!"

    - Samantha Chadbourne, P.A. at Renegade Films

    Saw TDSP at the University of New Haven

    "I highly recommend this session to other universities looking for a creative and interactive way to help students identify, express and pursue their dreams!"

    -Trish Shafer, Director of Career Services Center

    Invited TDSP to Philadelphia University

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